Our XIN coin has a number of advantages, find out yourself!

Transaction speed

The time until a transaction (payment) is completed is significantly lower than with other coins.

Worldwide acceptance

XIN can be used for small sums like your daily cappuccino in the future.

Safe wallet

You can access your wallet anywhere and anytime with your personal password. Thanks to the blockchain, your wallet will be backed up redundantly.

Here's how to create your wallet in 6 simple steps:

1Go to the Wallet page
2Click on the “New Account”-button
3Carefully read the disclaimer
4Note down your passphrase and your account ID (use paper & pen)
5For your own security, type in the passphrase again and
check if your account ID is displayed
6Finally, click on “Confirm and Login”

Wallet App

Our Infinity Economics Wallet app allows the payment and transaction of XIN at the touch of a finger! Your data is always stored in an encrypted format. The app can be secured by PIN, fingerprint or FaceID for maximum security.

This is how you can purchase your first XIN

To get your first XINs, you must swap them for another cryptocurrency like bitcoin on an exchange. Alternatively, you can also purchase XIN against a credit card payment or bank transfer quickly and safely.

Scam Warning: Don't trust unofficial websites & social media profiles!Read more