Infinity Economics Launches Knowledge Base

Infinity Economics Launches Knowledge Base

The XIN Knowledge Base is the new home for all information regarding the development and handling of the Infinity Economics Platform. The wiki platform has been designed specifically for the needs of developers and users and is continuously evolving. This exposes much information that was previously only accessible to a limited group of users.

New sections for every purpose

With the launch of the XIN Knowledge Base, more than 35 articles go online. This makes it easier for new users but also for new developers.

The new wiki is divided into four sections:

  • Technology
  • Features
  • How-To Guides
  • For Developers

As a new user, you can learn how to create a wallet as well as how to run your node. The features are a good starting point for newcomers. Here you learn everything about Account Control, Subscriptions, Currencies, Shuffling, Voting, Escrow and much more. Simple step-by-step instructions will help you navigate the interface of Infinity Economics tools.

API Documentation & Changelogs

Developers get access to the complete documentation of the XIN node API for the first time. This allows interaction with XIN nodes via HTTP or HTTPS, both via the mainnet and the testnet. The XIN changelogs provide a detailed insight into the further development of the Infinity Economics Platform. Here, all new features and developments can be tracked.

Frequently Asked Questions

The new FAQs provide an overview of the most critical questions we receive every day through different communication channels such as our Facebook page or our Telegram Channel. From simple questions like “What is IEP?” to “How do cryptocurrencies work?” We try to answer all questions in general. More specific topics are then treated directly in the articles of the wiki.

There is so much more to discover on our new knowledge base:

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