5 Features That Make Infinity Economics Unique

5 Features That Make Infinity Economics Unique

Infinity Economics is the world’s most advanced and comprehensive crypto platform of its kind, with an international team of interdisciplinary developers and marketers. Experts therefore also call it a “construction kit” for the future digital economy. But what differentiates it from other crypto platforms and what makes it so unique?

Own cryptocurrency – XIN coin

Infinity Economics is a decentralized and autonomous community finance platform with its own cryptocurrency called XIN. Since developing the XIN coin, the platform has brought together the best blockchain developments and has taken the evolution of the cryptocurrency to a new level.

Already one year after the start of their cryptocurrency they were able to show first successes. Transaction records for the cryptoasset show around 30,000 registered users held 40,000 accounts (wallets). The chart also shows that Infinity Economics had close to 500 active nodes and had dozens of projects in the pipeline.

A complete digital economy

The Infinity Economics platform is more than just another blockchain. With rich additional features such as Smart Contracts, Assets, Digital Goods Store, Distributed Hosting, Rating Agency or Digital Notary, the platform can be compared to an operating system that provides all the tools without being cluttered. It’s the only platform that combines these tools in a blockchain, making it a complete digital economy. These features are all already activated and not just announced.

A collaborative project

Since its inception, Infinity Economics has been a collaborative project. This means that the power of decision lies with all members of the community. It enables companies and clubs to implement their own business, software or apps.

Smart contract

One of the most promising features of the Infinity Economics platform is the automated transactions (AT), also referred to as smart contracts. These smart contracts are small programs that automatically fulfill the terms of a contract according to a given procedure. These can be deployed in the blockchain of Infinity Economics and have the potential to harness the Internet for the mass market.

IE Local

Another promising feature is IE Local, a website that serves to show reviews. Companies can make entries to make their service visible and searchers can get important information about the companies. An assessment option allows searchers to share their experiences with companies that accept crypto with other users.

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