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Market Capitalization. A powerful Blockchain Platform for everyone around the globe.


Community Members. Contribute to the continuous development of the Blockchain.


Wallets Created.  Create your personal wallet now and use the future-proof XIN coin.

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All you need to benefit from the Infinity Economics platform is a completely anonymous wallet.

A new platform for a new world

App Wallet

Future Group Wallet App

The new Future Group Infinity Economics Wallet app allows you to use XINs to pay and conduct transactions at the touch of a finger. Your data is stored securely and encrypted.

Worldwide acceptance

Our goal is worldwide acceptance of our XIN Coins – both online and offline. You can already use XIN for payments wherever you see the acceptance logo.

XIN Accepted

Contribute to blockchain development

Getting started with development on our blockchain is very easy. You can use all functions immediately via the API.

Security & transparency

The Infinity Economics Platform has been a community project since its inception. The decision-making power rests with all community members. The platform uses Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) and SHA256 hashing algorithms to provide a balance between security and performance.

Community Board

Exchange your ideas on our community board (forum).

Telegram groups

Chat with like-minded people on our official Telegram channels and stay up to date!

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