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                                            XIN Feature Escrow
                                     Infinity Foundation May, 2017, v1


 1. Escrow Overview
 2. Escrow Usage Examples

1. Escrow Overview

 An escrow service allows safer payment by securely holding a buyer's coins in escrow until the 
 terms of the sale are met and as a result the buyer releases payment to the seller. In most cases 
 no dispute is filed and no 3rd party action is needed. XIN provides a decentralized escrow service
 based on the new enhanced transaction types. If you're selling your car or house using XIN 
 decentralize service you can easily put the funds up in Escrow and when the title is delivered in 
 your name you release the money.  Even the title can be delivered using a XIN Smart Contract and 
 get this, it costs less than a few pennies to make all of this happen and unlike traditional 
 banking and selling transactions it doesn't cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Escrow can 
 have as much as up to 10 co-signers and provides several decision actions like return, split, 

2. Escrow Usage Examples

 Escrow can be combined with assets, currency and pegged physical goods.
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