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                                           XIN Feature Messages
                                     Infinity Foundation May, 2017, v1


 1. Messages Overview
 2. Messages Usage Examples

1. Messages Overview

Encrypted Messages commonly take the form of SMS-length communications between users.
Transmission of encrypted data messages up to 160 bytes in length from any account to any other 
account as single message. Encrypted messages can also attached to many transactions like token 
transfer, asset transfer, currency transfer. Encrypted messages are permanently stored into the 
blockchain and limited in size size to prevent blockchain bloat. Encrypted messages requires a
dynamic fee, based on it's size and should be used for important and immutable messages. 
The encryptiion algo is AES. The upcoming, community based messenger service allows up to 1.000 
bytes and last 1.000 messages without a service fee. Messages can also be used to trigger 
transaction events for instance to chain payments or to invoke distributed services. 

2. Messages Usage Examples

At the most basic level, messages can be used to transmit human-readable messages between 
accounts, creating a decentralised chat system. Advanced applications can use this feature to 
store structured data, such as JSON objects. These can be used to trigger or facilitate services 
built on top of XIN.
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