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                                    XIN Feature Automated Transactions (AT)
                                      Infinity Foundation May, 2017, v1


 1. AT Overview
 2. AT Usage Examples

1. AT Overview

 One of the promising applications of the block chain technology are smart contracts. Smart contracts 
 are computer programs that can automatically execute the terms of a contract. Anyone familiar with 
 computer programming would be aware of what is known as an if-then-else statement, where a program 
 executes a certain task if certain conditions are met and does not if the conditions are not present. 
 Smart contracts implement this on the block chain and have the potential to extend this into another 
 growing field, and that is the internet of things, bringing the world of sci-fi closer to reality.
 For instance Atomic Cross Chain Transactions allow for truly decentralized trading between 
 cryptocurrencies. This can, for example, enable a trader exchange XIN with a coin that provides  
 a mixing service for the purposes of privacy, and then send it to a new wallet. Another smart 
 contract that XIN would be able to support, are auctions. XIN enables you to create a smart 
 auction contract. Participants in the auction would then send money to the contract, and anytime 
 anyone sends more money than the previous bidder, the previous bidder’s money is automatically 
 refunded. Future smart contracts that XIN intends to support include autonomous corporations, 
 gambling, self-mixing and smart properties. Smart contracts are being touted as the “killer app� 
 of the cryptocurrency industry, and the race is on to develop applications that will radically 
 transform our work, life and play going forward into the future.

2. AT Usage Examples

 Atomic cross chain transactions, auctions, crowdfunding, dormant funds transfers, lotteries, 
 gambling, self-mixing.
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