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                                            XIN Feature Assets
                                     Infinity Foundation May, 2017, v1


 1. Assets Overview
 2. Assets Usage Examples

1. Assets Overview

 The Asset Exchange is XIN's built-in decentralised trading engine. Using the Asset Exchange 
 you can create, buy and sell assets that represent data beyond simple coin transfers which 
 opens up wide-ranging possibilities. The Asset Exchange is based on the 'coloured coins' concept 
 whereby a coin or a set of coins can be designated ('coloured') to represent something-else. 
 By contrast, many crypto currencies only ever operate as just that - currencies, and nothing more. 
 However, since the blockchain provides a trustworthy and permanent ledger of all transactions, 
 it can be used to record far more diverse information than purely currency transactions. XIN token 
 can be designated ('coloured') to represent other crypto coins, stocks/bonds, property, commodities, 
 or even ideas. As a result, the XIN network can be used to trade almost anything. The Asset Exchange 
 is suitable for most use cases where users like to buy and sell virtual company shares, fiat-pegged 
 assets, rewarding points or even crypto backed asssets but not for HFT trading since the Asset 
 Exchange is decentralized running with a 60s. blocktime confirmation. The Asset Exchange is 
 completely decentralised and completely unregulated. The substantial benefits this offers are 
 freedom, cost savings, lack of intervention and so on but also come at a price. There is no 
 hand-holding or policing, and scam assets can be and often are created. Whilst the community 
 generally picks up on these relatively quickly, if you make a mistake then there is very little 
 recourse as transactions are irreversible. Before buying an asset, you should at least understand 
 what an asset represents and clarify any doubts with the issuer.

2. Assets Usage Examples

 XIN assets are a convenient way to represent anything fungible and tradeable. An asset token could 
 represent a bar of silver, a pizza redemption coupon, a share in a company, even a portion of a 
 portfolio of other assets. By representing these things digitally on the blockchain, they can be 
 publicly verified and easily traded. For instance assets can be used for: private equities, 
 public equities, financial instruments of different kind, patents and much more.
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