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                                           XIN Feature Aliases
                                     Infinity Foundation May, 2017, v1


 1. Alias Overview
 2. Alias Usage Examples

1. Alias Overview
The Alias System feature of XMC essentially allows one piece of text to be substituted for another, 
so that keywords or keyphrases can be used to represent other things – names, telephone numbers, 
physical addresses, web sites, account numbers, email addresses, product SKU codes and more.
Immediate applications are simple: you can create an easy-to-remember alias for your XMC account, 
for example. But since the Alias System is open-ended, it can be used to implement a decentralized 
DNS system, shopping cart applications, proxies into other blockchains, oracles, references to stored
files in bittorrent or IPFS or even as your entry point into decentralized webhosting like zeronet.
Aliases can be edited, transferred or sold to public or specific accounts with the build-in alias 

2. Usage Examples
Enhanced account handler, URL shortener, proxy forwarder, decentralized hosting, crosschain reference
decentralized file hosting.
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